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Identify Your Breyer
Identify your Hagen Renaker
Stone Horse Reference
Hagen-Renaker, Inc.
Little Critterz
Equine Resin Directory

Where to Buy:
Breyer Model Horses
Stone Model Horses
Model Horse Sales Pages
Animal Artistry
Horsing Around
Dede's Model Horses
Chelsea's Model Horses

Photo Showing:

Oh Joy Farms
Positively Perfect Performance

Hobby Supplies:
Pony Pouches by Lori
Mira Bell Productions (Huck Bases)
C. Sloan Originals
Scale Hobbyist
Treefrog Treasures
Sierra Toy Soldier Company
Scenic Express
Woodland Scenics
Brushwood Toys
Desert Rose Backdrops

  Yahoo "BAMH" (Bay Area Model Horse)
Yahoo "Region 2 NAMHSA" "MEPSA"

TOPSA (Totally Online Photo Show Association)
topsaone (Div A Breyer, Div B Stone, Div C China, Div P Color) -
topsatwo (Div D OF Performance, Div G Custom Performance, Div J Mini Performance, Div N MICRO Performance) -
topsathree (Div E Custom, Div F AR, Div Q CM/AR Color, Div R Custom China) -
topsafour (Div H Mini Breyer, Div O Mini China, Div S Mini Other, Div U Mini Stone) -
topsafive (Div I Mini CM, Div K Mini AR, Div L MICRO, Div M MICRO CM) -

MHOSS (Model Horse Online Show Series)


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